ditto my last post for the TNGA also

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ditto my last post for the TNGA also

Postby ruthslp » Thu May 17, 2012 12:40 pm

heading to this pretty soon as well. as a long weekend, plus the 9 hours driving.....
but this is 75% off road, 56000 climbing. 350 miles.

this route is really pretty cool, includes some really nice singletrack, the Snake Creek ridge, and lots of rough doubletrack along the rest of the Pinhoti. Great views if you hit them in the daytime, and of course miles of gravel grinding and a few long paved mountain climbs....lots of remote GA mountains....and you cross the ridges where the AT goes thru about a zillion times :wink:

same as last post, except this takes longer & will need a little sleep :roll:
packing is slightly more for the extra time and long mileages between actual on-route refuels.

no idea what my pace will be this time, whatever i can do.
evac is easier here, there is a company we can use that does not charge too much to help out.....
although a shuttle needs to be set up which is a PITA.....

same thing, should be totally self sufficient with your bike stuff, and i dont care if anyone goes faster or slower...
or if anyone wants to just check it out at my pace for company :lol: no whining.
show me the single track
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