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Forum: Lost And Found
Date: 2016-11-06

Girls Pink glove found at Bavington today. I left it on top of the sign @haul Rd.]]>
Help Save The North Park Geese Stingfox66
Forum: Advocacy
Date: 2016-10-30

I run 4-6 miles every day but Sunday. Its the strength training that Im missing out on. Thanks for the link - that looks awesome Have you done one if the races before?]]>
Stop messing with 276 Stingfox66
Forum: Trail Talk
Date: 2016-10-28

Anyone use Linux as your daily driver? Do you game with it? Run a server? etc.]]>
Individual "Riding Venues" Forums Stingfox66
Forum: Forum Suggestions
Date: 2016-10-27

Forums are helping in seo too and solving issues too. I want to know how forums work in the SEO field?]]>
Recommendations for 26" FS All mountain or FR frame Stingfox66
Forum: The Doctor Is In
Date: 2016-10-27

Mike. I just added both of your recommendations to my reading list. Maria, I just finished the first novel in the Alex McKnight series and have no doubt I'll read all of them.]]>
PTAG October Trail Events Stingfox66
Forum: Trail Maintenance
Date: 2016-10-26

Cindy and I were thinking of working out there sometime this weekend. If we do, we will work from the south entrance going backwards into the trail.]]>
Pruning Trails in Frick/Slags Stingfox66
Forum: Trail Talk
Date: 2016-10-26

There is a book called Where to Mountain bike in brisbane which has lots of maps and trails .]]>
Anyone ride North or South Park lately Spainhulh
Forum: Ride Reports
Date: 2016-10-24

hey guys we are from south florida moved here from virginia and looking for people to ride with. is anyone riding this weekend that my buddy and i can tag along with? we got 4 x 4s.
if anyone is riding this weekend anywhere let us know =]]>
Raccoon Creek State Park trails Spainhulh
Forum: Trail Talk
Date: 2016-10-22

How good is this?

I train alot on these trails. To actually have a running series on them is fantastic.]]>
PA Mountain Bike Summit Spainhulh
Forum: Advocacy
Date: 2016-10-20

For those in the area the Landsale bike night is Sept 6 from 5-9. I was there last year and its a pretty big event. Problem Addict your gonna be there its in his backyard. Who else is going???]]>
New Trails in Butler nomad
Forum: General
Date: 2016-10-17

New Trails in Butler at Alameda Park current construction of about 20miles in progress 3 loops complete flowy aggressive check them out https://www.facebook.com/AlamedaSingletrack/]]>
Where to rent a mountainbike in Pittsburgh aikenp@gmail.com
Forum: General
Date: 2016-10-04

Where can you rent a mountain bike in Pittsburgh area?

I'm going to be in town from Boulder CO for a couple of days and want to ride. Doesn't make sense to bring my bike for such a short time.

Paul in Boulder Colorado]]>
Re: This Website.. gdb
Forum: General
Date: 2016-09-17

Couldn't agree more my man!

This website is so non-useful it's ridiculous.

Pretty much a waste of internet space but hey, I'm here once in awhile...]]>
This Website.. Ride King
Forum: General
Date: 2016-09-05

..really sucks.

Who is in charge?

Why doesn't Pittsburgh have a solid, unified mountain bike community?]]>
Left my front wheel in the parking lot at Hartwood alucas
Forum: Lost And Found
Date: 2016-08-31

Parked along the port-a-john edge of the lot. I was leaving around 6:25, right after the PORC ride hit the trails.

Stan's Arch EX 27.5

Let me know if you saw/grabbed it.